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Light steel villa section(一)

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Jiangsu Huazhong roll forming machinery Co.,Ltd. provides light gauge steel machine and technical system, with professional commitment to cold light steel housing,modular housing, assembly type residential development and research.



About the light steel villa


Question1:Is Light Steel Villa Firm?

Answer: Light steel villas, also known as light steel structure houses, are mainly made of light steel keel made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip and cold-rolled technology. After precise calculation and support and combination of accessories, they play a reasonable bearing capacity to replace traditional houses. Its solid and reliable, the country is also vigorously supporting the construction of this type of villas.


Question2:How to Prevent Lightning?

Answer: After the whole light steel villa house is connected with the foundation, the whole structure is a very good lightning protection system. Traditional houses need to be covered with galvanized lightning rods. The galvanized materials of light steel villas are tightly connected with the ground, which is a complete lightning protection system. Light steel villas do not need to do special lightning protection measures.

First, the metal shell can shield the internal electric field, which is equivalent to a Faraday cage. This is a physical knowledge. Secondly, the whole light steel material is not exposed to the outdoor, outdoor decorative materials are insulating materials, will not conduct electricity. Lightning rods can be installed if you are not at ease.


Question3:Can Light Steel Villas Get Real Estate Certificates?

Answer: First of all, we need to understand a truth here: whether a house can handle a real estate certificate or not has nothing to do with the type of house, but has a lot to do with the nature of the land (such as good farmland, dry soil, mountainous areas, etc.). So whether it is light steel villas or concrete buildings, as long as your homestead is legal, you can go through the normal procedures on your own. As long as the land used for building houses is approved by the government, the real estate certificate can be processed. Specifically, the relevant policies of the local government should prevail.


Question4:Is the material used in light steel houses safe?

Answer: The light steel materials and other building materials used in Huazhong cold bending meet the relevant use standards and requirements, have qualified certificates, and have passed the inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that they are qualified.

Steel structure building is a typical environment-friendly green building. The development of the construction industry in the future will definitely be dominated by steel structure building. At present, in developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Australia, light steel buildings have become the main architectural features. Especially for island countries like Japan, where earthquakes and tsunamis occur frequently, light steel buildings with good seismic resistance are deeply loved by Japanese people. In these developed countries, the majority of light steel structures have been built, and their technology is highly developed. It is expected that in the future, urban and rural areas in China will vigorously develop such household housing in order to obtain a safer and more comfortable household experience.


Question5:How many years can it last? How about the maintenance of the house in the later period?

Answer: Normal use more than 70 years, in addition to the free maintenance cycle, we provide paid services. According to the requirements of construction projects, we promise the 15-year warranty period for the main body of the house under the normal conditions. The company has a after-sales service department, which can meet the requirements of every owner for the maintenance of the house after the docking period.


Question6:What should we do when we decorate the wall with holes?

Answer: In the early stage of design and housing construction, each company will embedment or make special treatment for the corresponding reserved holes, pre-hanging components and other structural parts according to the owner's requirements, and mark the corresponding positions to meet the normal use requirements of the owner, so as to ensure that the subsequent decoration is not affected.


Question7:Will wall structures be easily damaged?

Answer: Light steel villas meet the requirements of the national building aggregate and construction specifications. Such conventional external forces will not cause substantial damage to the walls. If the external wall is damaged due to special external forces, in view of the characteristics of light steel villas, the external wall and decoration of the house can be partially dismantled and repaired in a small range.


Question8:How many people will it take to build a 200 square building? How many days will it be finished?

Answer: According to the practical data, there are about 8 people under the normal working conditions, which can be completed in about 60 days. The completion time of the main structure is only about 30 working days.


Question9:Where are the selling points of light steel villas?

Answer: Compared with traditional houses, light steel villas have advantages in heat preservation, sound insulation, comfort, earthquake resistance, snowstorm resistance, insect and ant prevention, high quality, high efficiency, wide application range, and variable building shape.

Light steel villas can be said to be a real good price, there are several major advantages:

(1) Excellent seismic performance and high safety performance

(2) Beautiful and durable

(3) Material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused.

(4) Fast construction speed

(5) Environmental protection of materials and pollution-free construction


Question10:Can we decorate this villa ourselves?

Answer: Villas can be decorated by themselves. And there is no special requirement when decorating, which is consistent with the traditional decoration method. There is no special need for attention.

Question11:Does Light Steel Villa Really Insulate Sound?

Answer: The interior wall of light steel villa is sprayed with a new type of gypsum mortar in 3D, which has sound insulation effect. And has been through the experiment and data display and completed project feedback, in line with the requirements of sound insulation.

Standards for sound insulation of brick and concrete residential buildings: 45 decibels for exterior walls and 40 decibels for interior walls.

Lightweight steel structure residential standard: 60 decibels for exterior wall and 45 decibels for interior wall.


Question12:Is the light steel villa wind and snow resistant? Is it insulated?

Answer: Various types of loads have been considered in the design stage and construction technology of light steel villas. Each index meets the requirements of architectural design and construction specifications. It can withstand the basic snow pressure of 1.55KN/, approximately equivalent to 3 meters thick snow in the northeast. It can withstand 70 m/s of hurricanes, equivalent to the intensity of level 17.

Residential buildings adopt efficient energy-saving system, filling new water-condensate and new insulation materials in the wall keel grille, avoiding the phenomenon of "cold bridge" in the wall, fully meeting the national energy-saving standard of 65% energy-saving.


Question13:Does light steel villa leak rain?

Answer: The design and construction of light steel villas conform to the requirements of architectural design and construction norms and meet various waterproof indicators, so there is no leakage under conventional conditions.

Building moisture-proof wall measures integration, no blind spot, wall with one-way breathing paper, making the whole building into a breathing house.

Lightweight steel structure buildings strictly abide by national standards for waterproofing, so this situation will not occur.

In addition, because the high-quality contracting company is the industrial prefabricated structure building, its own interface gap is tighter than the traditional building, and it has more advantages in waterproofing than the traditional building.


Question14:How to prevent rust in light steel villas? Is acid rain resistant?

Answer: All lightweight steel structure keels are coated with aluminium and zinc, which is stipulated in the national standard, and the design life of the lightweight steel villas can reach the national stipulated life span by ensuring strict implementation in accordance with the code. At the design stage, acid rain resistance and other similar problems have been considered, which meet the requirements of relevant national standards.The light steel structure dragon uses one-way breathing paper to seal the whole wall against moisture. This seal can not only isolate outdoor moisture from entering the room, but also prevent harmful substances from corroding metal materials in the outdoor atmosphere. It can also eliminate indoor moisture.


Question15:Light steel villas can be built on several floors?

Answer: At present, the domestic light steel structure housing stipulates that only six-storey and less than six-storey houses can be built.


Question16:What are the requirements for foundation of light steel buildings?

Answer: There are no special requirements, and the foundation of traditional buildings is the same.

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