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Application of Hydraulic Oil for Cold Roll Forming Machine

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1. Hydraulic oil:

Add in the hydraulic tank, add the oil to 2/3 content gauge level.

If your hydraulic station is 500L, so you need to prepare at least 350L to put in the hydraulic oil tank.

The oil is 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

See oil pictures below:


2. Gear oil:

Add to the transmission gear each 3-6 months.

The oil is 3# lithium base lubricating oil.

See pictures below:


3. Lubricating oil:

It is used in the lubricating system, and the lubricating oil is recyclable.

The oil name is emulsion oil. Please see pictures below. This oil you need to mix with water. Which I have shown you in our factory.

1 emulsion oil: 10 water


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